Gospel Preachers: Listen and Learn. A good resource for gospel preachers.

Faith, Family, Fitness, Food Motivational Journal: A 31 Day Motivational JournalAre you ready for CHANGE? Then let’s go!

Color Your Way Through Releasing The Weight: A Fun Way To Releasing The Weight (Color Your Way Series) (Volume 4)

It’s time for change. It’s time for action. It’s time to release the weight once and for all. That was my mindset last year. I weighed 239 pounds and had about a 40 inch waist. I knew that I needed to release the weight. I’ve always been active but I had a hard time ge…

Color Your Way to Success

What if you could color your way to success? What if you could color, relax more, have fun, and re-wire your brain for unlimited success all at the same time? Now you can!

Color Your Way Through Chemo

This coloring book is designed to motivate those who are going through this difficult ordeal. I believe having a positive mindset is critical to health, recovery, and longevity. Even with receiving some kind of medical treatment, it’s good for patients to have a positive outlook.


Color Your Way Through Chemo: For Kids: Keeping A Positive Mindset Through Chemo (Color Your Way To Success) (Volume 3)

My life was changed when my wife had to take chemotherapy. She didn’t have cancer, but had experienced a molar pregnancy. This resulted in her having to go to M.D. Anderson in Houston, Texas to receive four weeks of treatment. I learned so much during that time.

Live and Learn or Learn and Live: A short book for young boys without fathers

I have his eyes, but rarely was able to look into his. I have his laugh, but I rarely heard his laughter. I have his last name, but I did not really know the man behind the name. He was the man I knew and did not know. He was my father.