8 Weeks Of Focus

Hello everyone. I hope all is well with you. I have no idea who may read this blog. But I know someone will read it. How are you doing? I’m doing well. Thank you for asking. Today, as we head into the weekend I want to talk a little bit about focus. It’s crazy how fast the year is moving. The truth is time is not moving any faster. Everyday we have 24 hours. It may appear time is moving faster for a couple of reasons.

  1. Sometimes, we don’t allow ourselves to enjoy and stay in the moment. We can become so preoccupied with the NEXT thing, we fail to realize what we have right now.
  2. Sometimes, we simply waste our time. Before we know it, a lot of time has passed.
  3. Sometimes, we are simply too busy. Because of everything we feel like we have to do, it will feel like time is moving faster.

As you go into the weekend, be sure you hit the pause button. I’m learning that the pause button must be hit. Slowing down is necessary. Taking time to figure out where you are is a good thing. That’s what I want to discuss for a moment.

I want you to think about the next eight weeks. What do you have planned? Are you taking any vacation time? Do you have some big events on the horizon? What would you like to accomplish in the next two months?

A lot can be accomplished in eight weeks. You get to decide how much you wish to accomplish. So what would you like to do in the next eight weeks? Here are a couple of thoughts for you.

  1. Take some time and make a plan.
  2. Evaluate what it is you want to accomplish. Be sure to count the cost.
  3. Take action. Don’t delay. Today is a good day to do it. Find a way to get it done.

I’ve been guilty of delaying things that should have been done a long time ago. I’m working on making sure that I change some of those bad habits.

For me to be successful I will need to focus. I will need to remember what it is I’m going after. It can be done. It will be done. The time is now.

Eight weeks of focus.

Let’s go.

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