If You Ask, They May Say Yes.

I’m breaking all of the rules here. Two blog entries in one day? Yep. But who cares, right? I’m in the mood. So therefore, I will write. I’m beginning to feel like I’m getting back to my normal routine. It’s interesting how life has so many curves. But as long as you stay on the road, you will be fine.

So I was reading a book about a month ago. I didn’t enjoy it. So I decided to stop reading it. If it’s no good then why keep reading it? I found out the author of the book had a Ted talk on the topic she was writing about, so I decided to listen to it instead. It did the trick. I got the main point of her book in about 13 minutes.  It was much better than spending time reading her book. Now I want to see if I can sell the book to get some of my money back.

What was the point of the book that I put down? The author wanted her reader to see how asking for help is a wonderful thing. She discussed the importance of asking for help. She shared her fears of asking for help.

Ask for help!

That was it. It sounds so simple, right? The words, “Can you help me?” should easily come out of our mouth. But is it really easy to ask for help? I’m beginning to think it’s not. When was the last time you asked for help? We laugh at the guy in the movie who refuses to ask for help (driving directions) while he’s on the road. It’s so interesting how things change as we get older. Young people ask for help all the time. They will ask for help making certain things, getting dressed, fixing meals, etc. I don’t know when things really change but eventually they do. As adults, we feel like we must know it all. We feel like asking for help is something that’s bad. But is it really?

I don’t think so. Looking back at the last decade, I’ve seen just how many people have helped me along the way. I’m grateful for them. I’m so glad I have asked others to help me. But there have been times when I should have asked for help and I didn’t. Have you done the same?

Why is it hard to ask for help?

  1. Some may feel like they need to do whatever it is on their own.
  2. Others may feel like a failure when they ask for help.
  3. Many fear hearing the word, “NO.”
  4. Then for some, it could just be pride.

Do you agree? Have I missed anything?

If you ask, they may say yes. I think the fear of hearing someone say no is what hinders many people. The fact is, everyone is going to need help. Good. We need one another. People who have certain goals they’re going after but don’t want help from others are lying to themselves. Ask for help. It will be okay.

If you ask, they may say yes. More often or not people want to help others.

So, answer this question. Do you need help with something? Maybe it’s getting started with a fitness goal. Maybe it’s writing a book. Maybe it’s something at home. Whatever it is, if you ask, they may say yes. There’s someone who is willing to help you. Conquer your fear and ask for help. If you ask, they may say yes.

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