Color Your Way To Success

I’m reading a book now by Michael Hyatt called, “Your Best Year Ever.” It’s about goal setting. I’m going to try and finish it today. My wife and I are defining our goals for 2018. I listened to a free teleconference that Michael Hyatt had back in late December. He talked about setting 7-10 goals for the year.

As I’ve been making my list of things that I want to accomplish, I saw that I have way more than 7-10 goals. I just came up with a book idea this morning that I want to make happen (it will happen Lord willing). Add that to the growing list.

But I’ve already taken two goals off of my list. One of those goals was not my own, but rather something I heard from someone else. I don’t need it therefore it’s gone. The second goal is something that I accomplished last year. I want to continue to do it, but that particular habit is now like a daily discipline for me. It’s pretty much become automatic. I’ve decided to take it off the big board of 7-10 goals.

So where I am going with all of this? How does this have anything to do with the title of this blog? Oh yeah, I remember now. As I was reading Michael Hyatt’s book this morning, it was so interesting to me how he spent the first couple of chapters talking about BELIEF. One of the reasons so many goals crash and burn is because people have a lack of belief. People can talk a good game, but few back it up. Not because other people are holding them back, but because they are holding themselves back.

Isn’t that amazing? Often the one person holding us back is the person in the mirror. Yep! YOU. ME.

Somehow we have to break through. Enter “Color Your Way To Success.” I created this coloring last year. 2017 was a crazy year. I never thought that I would create a coloring book. I never thought I would create four coloring books. But never say never.

The Color your way to success book began in the early morning hours. Actually, it began in Rockford Illinois years ago. My preacher when I was in Rockford used to use ABC’s in his sermons. He would go from A-Z to drive home certain points. For example, sometimes if he was talking about Jesus, who He is, etc. he would say something like…

A: He’s our Advocate

B: He was Before Abraham

C: He’s the Christ

D: He is Deity

E: He’s our Everything

F: He’s Faithful

G: He is Great

You get the idea. I loved hearing those ABC’s. So naturally as I began to preach I began to use the ABC format to drive home certain points. That stopped however when I got to Texas. I don’t think I’ve used the ABC format in any of my sermons in Texas. Fast forward to March 2017. At the time I was in a fitness group on Facebook led by Bill Phillips. He asked me to speak at one of his camps in Golden Colorado. That weekend in my presentation as I wrapped it up I pulled out some ABC’s. I went from A-Z talking about fitness and the mindset one needs to have to be successful and to truly transform.

The crowd loved it. The ABC’s were back. Not long after that during my early morning routine of writing out motivating thoughts to myself (yes I write out motivational phrases to myself routinely) I had an idea. I got this idea from hearing about someone who had made a coloring book. I said to myself, “I wonder if I could make a coloring book? But I don’t buy coloring books. I don’t like those really big coloring books that take forever to color. So what would my coloring book look like if I decided to make one?” Then an idea hit me.

I already had my coloring book.

  1. It would go from A-Z.
  2. It would motivational by design.
  3. It would have many of the phrases that I had been writing to myself almost every morning as I went through my physical transformation.

That’s how it came to be. I was able to figure out who could help me to create the design (Luke Adams with Edify Media) and then I used to finish it and get it on Amazon.

So you may be thinking, “Okay got it but what’s your point?” Oh yeah, my point. Okay, here’s my point. In 2018, what do you want to accomplish? The one thing that you need is BELIEF. You need to believe that you can actually do it.

Just like the quarterback needs to believe that he can make the throw. Just like the golfer needs to believe he can make the putt on the 18th hole with the championship on the line. Just like the basketball player needs to believe he can make those free throws to win the game.

BELIEF.IS.POWER. Limiting beliefs will hinder you and keep you stuck in the month of January just like the majority of people. Lack of belief will cause us to be like so many other people. You know who I’m talking about. The people who say…

“One day I’m going to…” But that DAY never comes and they never DO. That’s been me. Guilty. What about you? We have to constantly push ourselves to go and DO. Be a DOER.

I want to suggest that the Color Your Way To Success coloring book can help you to keep a positive mindset. It’s a fun way of telling yourself that indeed you can do it. It’s designed in a way where someone can color a motivational thought from A-Z to break through and succeed. Repetition is key. How we talk to ourselves is important. Many goals could be accomplished if people simply believed a little bit more. Self-sabatoge is what holds so many back. Don’t let that happen in 2018.

These coloring books are available on Amazon and also on my website. Have fun in 2018. Color your way to success. GO GET IT.

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